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  1. Hi! I absolutely love everything in your page! Question: I am having trouble finding the Spelling Menu. I found it on Pinterest, and it is very appropriate for my students. If you could please direct me to it, I will be forever grateful!

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi! I would love to purchase your Guided Reading packet. Is it on TPT? I am new to second grade, coming from 5th. Big culture shock and in need of a lot of "stuff". Would appreciate anything you can share or directions on where I might find some of the wonderful things you've created.
    Thanks so much for supporting a fellow teacher.

  3. Please advise how I can purchase this pack? Thank you!

    I teach beginning ESL students, and this aligns with our ESL content standards.

  4. I would also love to buy this pack- it is awesome! Are you on teachers pay teachers? I'm not too great at the new social media buy and share but I'm getting better. My e-mail is and I teach 2nd grade but I'm just moving up from 20 years in Kindergarten so I am searching for ways to help my students succeed.