Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fractions Update! And 2nd post in a week, ya'll!

Hi Ya'll!

Second post in a week! I'm already sticking to my promises of blogging more! Woohooo!

So I told you I would update you about how my fractions unit is going inside my classroom! My kids are loving it! Yesterday, groups of my kiddos played Fraction Tic Tac Toe 4 in a Row with a parent and apparently it was a hit!

It was time for recess, but it was raining so we had indoor recess...and guess what....Yes, my students wanted to keep playing the Fractions Game! The best part was that I played it with them, and EVEN I had a blast! You have to admit...we are all kids at heart and still love to play games, too!

Well, I''m off to catch up on the Bachelor! I can't wait for the Season Finale!  I just want to know who Sean picks..eeeeek!!! I'm hoping its Catherine! What about you???

Oh and American Idol comes on tonight! What a great Wednesday!

Have a great night!

<3 Nesli

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hi Teacher Friends! Oh my, it's been a loooonnnngggggg time since I've posted on my blog! For some reason this year has been all kinds of planning definitely takes up a chunk of time. I can't believe the big day is in 4 months! Eeeeeek so excited to be marrying my best friend! I'm not sure how some of you amazing bloggers are able to blog EVERYDAY! I truly admire all of you! Especially those who teach, AND have children, AND husbands. That's a lot of people to care for and stay loyal to all of your bloggers by blogging each night. You inspire me to want to become a more consistent blogger. And so thats' why I'm going to start small and blog at least once a week!

Okay, so some of you may have heard.....Dun Dun Dunnnn....SMART GOALS! My school is choosing to focus on Fractions for our math Smart Goal. So I have had a chance to create a fractions unit and my second graders are having a blast with these fractions activities! This unit is also really fun for me because fractions is one of my favorite units to teach! This unit would also work for higher first graders and even third graders!

If you are interested in some fun, engaging activities on fractions check out my unit HERE!

Well, I'm hoping to post more this week on how my fractions unit is going!

Have a blessed day!