Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mystery Exercise Update and Freebie

So I am a little OCD (like most teachers) and I was looking through my "What's My Mystery Exercise" activity and realized that I don't like the format of it that much, so of course, I spent all afternoon changing it so that it looks visually more appealing! :)  A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the importance of integrating health and fitness into the classroom. You can read about that HERE.

In my "What's My Mystery Exercise" activity, there are 8 activities, that all include answer keys. The concepts included are: identifying the value of the underlined digit (hundreds, tens, ones), identifying the expanded form of a number, reading the word form of a number and identifying the standard form, and identifying the value of base ten blocks.

Basically, students will answer questions 1-8, then find the answer in the alphabet key, and will have to write the corresponding letter in the Mystery Exercise Box.  At the end, students will "crack the code" and will be given an exercise! So, after sitting and answering the questions, we are giving the kids a break by allowing them to perform an exercise. Love it!


Leave a comment about you integrate health and fitness into your classroom, and I will send this to you for free! Don't forget to leave your email! This is a 48 hour offer! Ends Saturday!

<3 The Teacher Wears Prada


  1. We do some exercises in our class when we can't go out for recess. We have a video our phys. ed teacher made. I have the students count how many jumping jacks, push ups, etc. I then have them add ten, subtract ten, add 100 to help us stay familiar with the 100 chart. After a few times we no longer need to pull out the 100 chart. I also have them figure out how many they could do in 2 minutes and 5 minutes after they know how many they can do in one minute. It is like a quick review after we do the video. They expect me to ask them the questions when we are done, and if I forget they remind me. We work out our body as well as our mind.


  2. That sounds awesome, Cindy! I'm loving all of the exercise! Thanks for posting!

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