Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Theme and Decor Pack


I'm hoping that my blog post tonight makes sense because I am seriously doing this with one eye closed....I am SO tired! I felt so bad tonight at dinner because I was literally eating with my eyes fiance (love saying FIANCE!) was like, "Nesli....are you okay?....Poor guy!

Anyways! I FINALLY finished my Classroom Decor pack....with POLKA DOT STYLE :) It includes 9 different polka dotted themed items to make your classroom look BRIGHT and FUN! :) I cannot wait to get all of this up and running in my room!

Here is my Polka Dot Fun Pack that you can find at my TPT store or HERE at my TN store! Eeeeekk! 3 more weeks!!!!

<3 Nesli

Monday, August 6, 2012

Polka Dot Inspired Alphabet and Word Wall Headers

Well, I think I may have lost my mind because I am seriously getting anxious about school starting! I still have a little over 3 weeks, but I am FREAKIN' OUT! I didn't sleep at all last night because of it! Seriously crazy! Instead of sleeping last night, I created these super cute polka dot alphabet posters and word wall headers. I've decided to go with a polka dot theme this year! I can't wait to get my black and white polka dot curtains from Joanns Fabric Store! I think I'm going to do black and white polka dot here and there and then throw some bright colored polka dot things in my classroom to make in bright and cheerful.

Anyways, here is a preview of the Alphabet Posters and Word Wall Headers pack! You can grab it HERE at my TPT store or HERE from Teachers Notebook!

As always, the first two people to comment can grab this FO' FREE!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Writing Process Posters Freebie Update

This post is going to be short and sweet! I am a high school competition and varsity cheer coach and tryouts start TOMORROW so I've been getting ready for cheer! So much to do...STILL!

So anyways, one of my sweet followers requested that I add Illustrate to my writing process posters to go after Publish because some of her firsties will finish publishing their stories while some are still on the drafting stage (I'm sure this happens in everyone's classroom because children work at different paces) so she wanted to have an explicit sign for her students so they know they need to illustrate after they've beautifully written their stories. So I've updated it here on TPT so you can re-download it if you would like this add on!

<3 Nesli

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Honey, I'm HOME!

Okay so I've been out of touch with blogland for a bit! Oops! I've been swamped with wedding planning and now I'm on vacation with my family and FIANCE in Myrtle Beach,! So I'm not actually home yet! I've been pretty stressed even though I'm on vacation because August is here ya'll! And that means school is literally RIGHT around the corner. I can't believe summer is so close to being over. :(  I am a little excited to get back into the classroom, after all I will be moving from 3rd grade to 2nd grade which I am super PUMPED about! AND...I'll be moving to a new school...and here's the best part...WAIT FOR IT......

my mom works at this school too! I absolutely love my mom and I will get to see her everyday at school! Lucky me!!! This also means she will be helping me set up my classroom, and let me tell you, my mom has fabulous ideas and is extremely creative! I'm not sure when I'll be able to get into my classroom but I'm really hoping it is soon because as I've been blog stalking, I've seen some amazing pictures of different classrooms! And yes I get slightly jealous!

Well, I'll be back in Virginia on Saturday, so I'll get right back to creating back to school resources, cutting, and laminating! ( I bought a laminator the other day, and haven't used it yet, so I can't wait to use it!) Okay, back to watching the Olympics! I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. GYMNASTICS. GO USA!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Writing Process FREEBIE

Okay before I tell you about my fabulous writing freebie, let me just tell you all that I FINALLY found a venue for my wedding and reception! Can I get an Amen???? AMEN! Can I get a Hallelujah??!! I didn't think I was ever going to find one so I am SUPER excited! The wedding reception is going to be on the Langley AirForce Base (my dad is military) at their Ballroom, which over looks the water and is GORGEOUS! The wedding is going to be at the chapel on base which is also beautiful! The date has been set for June 22, 2013! I cannot wait!!!!!

So...let's celebrate with a freebie!  Writing Workshop is my absolute favorite part of the day! I love to see the growth in the kid's writing from the beginning of the year to the end! I'm sure many of you have witnessed the same thing! And it's Ah-Mazing!

To keep track of where my students are in the writing process, we use a chart (similar to the Behavior clip chart).  Each student has a clip with his/her name on it and when we check in at the beginning of writing workshop to see where everyone is in their writing, I will move their clip to the correct process spot. When I taught first grade, I moved my student's clips for them, but last year with my third graders, I allowed them to move their clip on their own whenever they moved along in the writing process.

Next year I'll be teaching 2nd (this will be my first year in 2nd) so I haven't decided if I will allow the kids to move their own clip whenever they move in the writing process, or if I will move it for them at the check-in. Any ideas???

Here are my writing process posters!

You can grab these at my TPT Store or my Teachers Notebook Store.  :)

I'm not sure how to make it so that you can click on the picture and it will take you to the link. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mystery Exercise Update and Freebie

So I am a little OCD (like most teachers) and I was looking through my "What's My Mystery Exercise" activity and realized that I don't like the format of it that much, so of course, I spent all afternoon changing it so that it looks visually more appealing! :)  A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the importance of integrating health and fitness into the classroom. You can read about that HERE.

In my "What's My Mystery Exercise" activity, there are 8 activities, that all include answer keys. The concepts included are: identifying the value of the underlined digit (hundreds, tens, ones), identifying the expanded form of a number, reading the word form of a number and identifying the standard form, and identifying the value of base ten blocks.

Basically, students will answer questions 1-8, then find the answer in the alphabet key, and will have to write the corresponding letter in the Mystery Exercise Box.  At the end, students will "crack the code" and will be given an exercise! So, after sitting and answering the questions, we are giving the kids a break by allowing them to perform an exercise. Love it!


Leave a comment about you integrate health and fitness into your classroom, and I will send this to you for free! Don't forget to leave your email! This is a 48 hour offer! Ends Saturday!

<3 The Teacher Wears Prada

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Place Value Centers Pack

Good Morning! Can you believe I was up at 6:30 am...yes, A.M.. I mean I know it's summer break and all but yesterday I slept in until noon and felt bad about it so I decided to get up early and be productive this morning.  And by productive, I mean watching True Blood and looking at wedding stuff on Pinterest! :)

Well, I FINALLY finished my Place Value Centers Pack. I'm not sure why it's taking me so long to finish this, but it's done! It's a 124 page Pirate Themed Place Value Pack with 11 activities to use in your math centers. I use Guided Math Groups in my classroom, so these will be a part of my Guided Math Rotations.  

Do you use Guided Math?

The activities in this pack include:

* Place Value Puzzle with Recording Sheet
* Place Value Bingo 
* Race the Ship Place Value Game (I love this one)
* Pirates, Treasures, and Place Value (cute game!)
* Place Value Pictures (students will create pictures using base ten blocks and determine the value--inspired by Marilyn Burns)
*  Race to 100
* Place Value Word Wall Cards
* What's My Mystery Exercise Activities (integrate health and fitness!)
* Place Value Tic Tac Toe (3 different versions)

As always, the first 2 fabulous people to comment get this pack for FREE! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Must Have Picture Books (Linky Party)

I linked up with Lindsey, The Teachers Wife and am sharing some of my FAVORITE picture books!
I absolutely love ALL of Kevin Henkes books and always start with these in the beginning of the school year! Then, of course, I revisit them and read them again...Again...AND AGAIN! The kids love them too!

Place Value Student Booklet

Wow! Where does the time go? Sorry it's been a while since I last posted! I've been extremely swamped with wedding stuff...not just my wedding, but a friends wedding too! This past weekend I had the honor of being one of the bridesmaids for one of my best friends from high school. That wedding was a BLAST! It makes me SUPER excited for my own wedding. Hopefully I'll have a wedding venue set this week. I'll be visiting two more places and hopefully it works out! I will feel SO MUCH better once I have a venue set and stone.

Well, I've also been working on a Place Value Centers Activity Pack. I'm ALMOST finished with it! I'm hoping to get it finished by tonight so I can have it up for you guys tomorrow. AND it's Pirate Themed! I know my students are going to LOVE that! Argggggggggggg!

But, here is a student booklet on place value that I wanted to share with you guys.  I'm very much into integrating literacy into all core subject areas, so I love to create booklets for math! So here is the place value one that I created. It's great for introducing a unit on place value.  This would be great for your second grade loves! There is a little review in the beginning that they should have gotten in first grade, and if not, well here it is! There are also some practice pages in the back of the booklet. This booklet can be used in small group or whole group. I'll be using this in small groups, since I do Guided Math Groups in my classroom.

You can grab the Place Value Student Booklet HERE at my TPT store or HERE at my Teachers Notebook store.  Here are some of the pages in the My Place Value Book!   The first two people to leave a comment will get this for free! Don't forget to leave your email! Enjoy!